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I am the Lord your God, the one who takes hold of your right hand, and says to you, ' Do not be afraid, for I am helping you.'
Isaiah 41:13

If not now, then when? If not me, then who?

I had to voice my opinions somewhere. But I’m too cowardly to do it on Facebook, Twitter has characters limit and Instagram is just a place for me to have fun. So here I am on Tumblr, HAHAHA on a social platform that I think not many will see. 

So I am compelled to say something about this Han Hui Hui saga going on right now in SG. I’m not sure if Han Hui Hui is aware of our political environment as compared to other countries, or, there is no Or. I am sorry. LOL. I just watched a video of her rally, and she has been repeating one point over and over again. She demands transparency for the Singapore Government. Oh wait, let me check international standards. OMG SINGAPORE IS SO NOT TRANSPARENT DAMMIT. We are ranked number 5 together with Norway in 2013 as the top most transparent countries in the world. Come on Singapore! You can do better! Stop taking our CPF money and squander it! (All in Sarcasm)

Ms Han, of whom I share the same ancestry, please. Please do not do this to our forefathers who have raised us.

Ms Han, do you know why we do not have Welfare benefits? (I mean, our Government understands the needs of our growing aging population they have released the Pioneer Generation Card, that’s a welfare benefit.) But in general we are not a welfare state because there are cons to it that a small country like ours cannot bear. Imagine with me, if health services were free, and with the limited space we have with this country, I think, to not have people queuing up for MCs to skip work and be less productive, (since an MC is free YAYYYYYY!!) maybe we could build more healthcare infrastructure. Right? Like this, Singaporeans have to worry less about healthcare cost and efficiency. (I concede to this benefit) However, we face the issues of lower workers productivity, higher housing prices (because of lesser land, you know one hospital is like at least maybe 200 household worth of space - HDB). Will you, my lovely Ms Han ask the government to provide housing for everybody then? And will you Ms Han, be able to come up with better plans to reduce social skiving and maintain Singapore’s main source of economic growth -it’s people? If you can, with reasonable and logical plans Ms Han, I concede again. But if you cannot come up with concrete solutions to these, think about it before your next rally.

To your next point. CPF money goes to GIC and Temasek Holdings. Do you know the purpose of this Ms Han? Well the basic idea is this, the government does many things for the country. They devote resources to build better transport systems - Highways, MRTs, resources for the education system - I don’t agree with all our education schemes, but we’re pretty okay, oh and of course we give a lot of money to the army right? So yah, because of all of this spending, I guess the government needs money from somewhere. You know they could just increase our income tax or our corporate tax, but it would make us unhappy because all these money WILL NEVER COME BACK TO US. NEVER. NEVER EVER. But you see they use our CPF scheme. To ‘loan’ our money for investments, to help Singapore earn money. To help us build more benefits in this country. Would you Miss Han rather they increase our personal income tax or use our CPF with the knowledge that one day this CPF money will be back with us or our family? I think again, if you have a better way for Singapore’s government to increase their revenue, please, please let everybody know. If it is sound, you WILL win my support.

Okay I don’t have anymore time to spare Ms Han, I got midterms tmr. Thank you (as if you’ll read this). LOL. Goodbye my little followership who read this LOL


snow lake after a very long trail of switchbacks over the ridge